Content Policy

This agreement serves as an acceptable use policy. Violation of this agreement may result in a temporary or permanent ban from using the site.

User Interaction

  1. We're not here to babysit. If you don't like another user, just block him/her.
  2. If you're in a heated argument with another user that's going to last a while, we ask as a matter of courtesy to other users that you take it to private messaging. Nobody cares about your bullshit.
  3. Blatantly spamming another user's profile, submission comments section, or personal message inbox is a bannable offense.
  4. Personal threats will be taken seriously. If we feel that a user's threats on another user are specific enough to be dangerous, we will report the incident to the proper authorities without hesitation.


  1. All submissions must be published by the author or artist who created that work. The only exception is if you commissioned the piece and have the right to redistribute it, in which case we ask that you name the artist or author in the description.
  2. All submissions are owned by their creator(s). The Lab claims no right to the ownership nor distribution of user-generated content unless explicitly agreed upon with the creator.
  3. Don't submit anything involving minors in a remotely sexual situation. There is no gray area. We won't tolerate it.
  4. Rape, bestiality, vore, death, and other extreme fetish material (with the exception of pedophilia) is acceptable as long as the submission is flagged as X-rated and as long as it is fictional (ie: a story or drawing). If real photographs of these acts are submitted, we will immediately delete the submission and ban the user. If it appears that the content was created by the user, we may alert the authorities.
  5. You're allowed to post "fan fiction" involving copyrighted characters or real people, but if we receive a takedown notice from the owner of the copyright, we will comply without hesitation.
  6. This is a transformation-themed site. We strongly recommend that stories should contain a physical transformation. We won't ban or mute users who post pure furry or other fetish material, but please be aware that it's strongly discouraged.
  7. All stories should be proofread and reasonably complete and all art should be more than just a rough sketch.
  8. We discourage posting photomanipulations unless you have the model's permission to distribute it. Photomanipulations fall into a very weird legal quagmire that we generally would prefer not to deal with.

Content Persistence

Some parts of the site are cached or backed up for speed or security purposes. Caching expires after 10 minutes, and backups expire after 10 days. We mention this only for users who are concerned that deleted submissions might not be permanently deleted. Deleted submissions are immediately inaccessible to all users. The backup will exist for 10 days, but it is only ever accessed in the event of a catastrophic database failure. If for some reason you need a backup deleted before that, or if you need to retrieve one of your own deleted submissions, we'll do what we can to help. If you want access to a deleted submission that you didn't create, we'll ignore your request.