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Login Repaired

Posted by docbyron on Aug 22nd, 2015

Sorry about the login problems. These *should* be fixed for now.

Our host decided it would be a great idea to change the server timezone and a couple other configuration settings, which fucked up how the site validated sessions, and then they dragged their feet on properly restoring the original settings.

If it happens again, I'm going to look for another host. I'd love to just manage the server myself on AWS, but y'know... weird porn!

Let me know if you experience any more issues.

Bug fixes

Posted by docbyron on Aug 6th, 2015

I've uploaded a number of big fixes.

-Bug that was causing an error to show when updating an existing submission in certain situations.

-Bug that was causing some submissions to have their formatting get all messed up in the view but not the editor. The problem stemmed from pasting the submission from a text editor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. The examples I've seen so far now look correct. Please keep reporting any more broken examples. If you upload a story and this happens to you and you don't want anyone to see it, just switch it to hidden mode and I can look at it directly in the database.

-Various errors that were showing up when the system tried refreshing its cache in certain situations.


Posted by docbyron on Jul 5th, 2015

Happy 4th to those of you from the US. To everyone else, Happy Saturday.

I've spent the evening making a large number of optimizations behind-the-scenes. This should substantially improve the site's speed under higher loads (especially when browsing), but of course I'll be keeping an eye on it. If you notice any specific pages taking longer than 4 seconds to load, feel free to let me know. It's my goal to make sure it's under 2 seconds site-wide under high load.


Posted by docbyron on Jul 1st, 2015

I've made a few more optimizations on the back-end that should help with some of the lag. Also removed the delay on cached resources like story text and the dashboard. I'm also loading in tag suggestions differently now, which should give a performance boost.

I've also enabled a 'report' button on stories. If you notice that a story has a bad title or something, use it to notify me. Note that if you have JavaScript disabled or you aren't logged in, you won't even see this tool.

One of the next big things I want to focus on is the story text editor. It's just a default implementation of CKEditor, but if there's anything you'd like to see there, please let me know.

Speed issues

Posted by docbyron on Jun 30th, 2015

Well, the speed issues seem to be returning slightly. Not as bad as yesterday, but still annoying. I'll perform some more optimizations after work.

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